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Bymome Everyday Bamboo Swaddle Set Maroon

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RM 129.00
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RM 129.00
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Experience the ultimate convenience and versatility with our "Everyday Swaddle Set 5-in-1," an essential collection for every parent. This set simplifies your daily routine, offering a seamless way to swaddle your baby in comfort every day. Crafted from bamboo, the fabric is perfectly suited to accommodate your baby's growing needs, ensuring softness and comfort that only gets better with time. But the utility of our swaddle set goes beyond just swaddling; it's designed to serve multiple purposes - from a playful floortime rug to a stroller cover, nursing shield, lightweight blanket, change mat, burp cloth, and much more.

At Bymome, we prioritize your baby's safety and comfort by selecting muslin fabric, known for its ability to prevent overheating and reduce the risk of SIDS. Muslin is celebrated for being a safe, lightweight fabric that promotes airflow and helps maintain an ideal body temperature for your baby. Each blanket in our set is pre-washed, ensuring it's breathable, versatile, and ultra-soft from the first use - and it only gets softer with each wash. Make the smart choice for your baby's comfort and your peace of mind with our muslin fabric swaddle set.